Writing Monologues
PGEM – Professional Guided Email Monologues

PGEM was first presented in Vancouver E-Learn 2009 and at ED Media Toronto 2010 –
and at the E-Learn Conference in Orlando, Florida –

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offers „Writing Monologues“ as a Creative Method for initiating change.

Example: Catherine feels a wish to change her professional career path. She is 35 years old, she is a successful business woman and she is advanced in her career as a pharmacist. Her inner wisdom tells her that there is more to come in her professional and may be personal life. She is certain about her need to change, but she is unsure how to initiate that change, in what direction change will lead her. She is not sure about how to make what kind of decision and she does not know whom to talk about initiating, managing, implementing and consolidating change.

In her temporary uncertainty she finds help in writing Monologues to a professional Change Agent.

“Monologue” (Greek: self speech) comes from Greek Drama and means talking to yourself in front of an audience. Monologue is a self-reflective speech given in front of an audience but not directed to the audience.
In modern life “Writing Monologues” is as powerful as it was in ancient Greece. Writing Monologues can give you your answers through a creative process. Monologues are a very efficient way of getting out your dreams, inner processes, associations, inventive thoughts, etc.. By so doing the direction of the needed change becomes clearer.

In writing Monologues you can hear yourself “talk” to an audience, * without any comments, judgments or other kind of feedback which might not be useful in that early stage of bringing about your own creative strengths of evolutionary change.

This is how it works: Your write an email to Dr. Silke Eden and let her know your interest in Writing Monologues. You make a telephone appointment to set up the structure for your individually tailored “Writing Monologues Process” that includes the amount of Monologues you will write, the medium you will use (postal mail, email, fax, blog, chatroom) the amount of time between each Monologue (daily, weekly, twice a month) and the cost of this professional service.

You have the option at the end of the Writing Monologues Process to have a dialogue over the phone or in person to talk about everything you wrote, get feedback and share your experience of writing.
The unassuming presence of the experienced reader of your Monologues helps you to come forward with all of the questions you need to be answered.

*(in that case a professional experienced change agent with a solid background in Medicine and Psychotherapy)