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  • As a Senior Executive you have reached the end of the corporate ladder and the end of your rope;
    you are finding yourself in the need of a career change
  • You have a conflict at work
  • You believe you have a lot more potential for growth as a professional
  • You are facing corporate burnout


  • You are facing a severe family situation such as marital problems, divorce etc….
  • Your teenage son doesn’t leave his computer
  • You have met the woman/man of your life and cannot realize the connection with her/him in a way you would like to


  • You are in financial difficulties
  • You are afraid (to lose your job for age reasons)
  • You need a change and don’t know how to initiate change
  • You are in a transitional period and you are afraid to trust the process
  • You are new to your environment and want to familiarize yourself with the city/(corporate) culture

steg If one or more is true you might want to address these issues before they turn into symptoms.