SE-I International Institute for Integrated Communication – Heidelberg – Toronto – Halifax
Founded by Dr. Silke Eden

2000 After having finished the intensive program at the University of Hannover and having acquired the necessary managerial skills, Dr. Silke Eden designed her own institute, the SE-I Heidelberg.

The SE-I Heidelberg was founded after many years of working in the Health and Scientific research and application field. SE-I’s mission is to provide state of the art mental and physical health consultation, educational resources, workshops and seminars in an environment in which professionals and lay persons can discuss and debate pressing issues of our times, medical related topics and alternative approaches to societal ills.
The SE-I is located in Heidelberg, Germany, and has served approximately 3000 people.

The way the SE-I Heidelberg operates is structured according to 6 very well defined Modules.

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2001 SE-I Toronto, Ontario Canada was created as a concept:

To succeed in a German/English speaking European Market, it is essential for the SE-I Heidelberg to be strongly connected to the North American cultural and business environment. The SE-I Heidelberg is deeply rooted and grounded in Canadian culture, perspectives and ways of thinking and doing business. In particular, there is a very strong connection to the SE-I Toronto.

Dr. Eden has been travelling regularly to Toronto to deepen contacts with OISE at the University of Toronto where she finished a Certificate in Adult Training and Development ( By so doing, she has been able to continuously learn about the Canadian business environment, Canadian ways of teaching and learning, and has been able to maintain her contacts with the OISE academic environment.

2008 The SE-I International was founded as a combination of Heidelberg and Toronto with its main location in Toronto, Ontario Canada

2009 The SE-I International Institute for Integrated Communication is now registered in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

Services of the SEI International in its different locations:

  • State of the art mental and physical health consultation
  • Design, market and facilitate professional workshops and seminars.
  • Develope fresh, innovative and patient-oriented educational materials for patients and their families.