Module 1 – 6

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Module 1: is rooted in medical experience and is called “Stadtpraxis” which means a centrally located doctor’s office space with several doctors working there offering expertise in different areas in medicine in close proximity and collaboration with the University hospitals around it.

Module 2: offers a variety of interactive seminars and workshops given by well-known leaders in their fields for doctors in private practice, mainly Neurologists and Psychiatrists. Plans are underway for other areas of medicine to join the program. Because of their interactive and participatory nature, these workshops have drawn large numbers of participants from among the medical profession and has established the credibility and effectiveness of the SE-I Heidelberg very quickly. The seminars are rated very highly by the medical professionals who attend them and they are accepted for CME-credits in Germany (

Module 3: offers seminars for technicians in the field of Neurology, mainly EEG, and other specialities will follow.

Module 4: is working with individuals on an hourly basis face to face, by telephone call or by e-mail. There are three different kinds of categories

  • General information and help about all sorts of questions concerning health: This can be about technology in medicine as well as about alternative healing concepts and spiritual paths in mental health for example. Of course not all questions can be answered. The purpose is to address these questions, give them space and attention and then slowly help to develop a strategy for dealing with them.
  • Coaching: This is offered on an individual basis in a package of five to ten sessions. It can be personal, by telephone, or by email. (Requirement for email sessions is one personal encounter) The central idea of coaching is: “Bringing out the best in others”
  • Learn how to integrate the Internet into the process of finding and evaluating information about health. What is out there, how can it be found, what is the source of the information and how trustworthy and reliable is it?

Module 5: Humanities in Medicine Program: Art shows, poetry readings and writing workshops as intercultural exchange programs between Canada and Europe. Art is extremely important to keep our souls healthy and well.

Module 6:is a Non-profit Community based sector
Here people can find the SE-I as a think-tank. It provides a home for active peace-makers and experimental kind of gatherings with agendas like:

  • how can we respect each other?
  • what does dignity feel like?
  • what does it mean to be an active peace-maker?
  • what is the importance of being a responsible father here and now?
  • what is the Buddhist religion?
  • how can we learn to meditate?
  • how can I cope with my disease through arts and creativity